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If you live in the area, you will already know there are a couple of other businesses in the funeral and monument industry that have similar business names, and this caused some confusion for our dear customers. We heard the frustration in their voices and decided to do something about it! As of October 2021, we are Homestead Memorials. The same caring owners, with a slightly different business name.

Also our granite is all 100% natural with no added colours or fillers. We usually buy directly from the quarries to get you the best price possible. A lot of our granite comes from the Canadian Shield but some of our favorite colours come from Norway, South Africa, and India. We are extremely particular about the quality of our granite, which is why we can guarantee it for LIFE to never rust or fade.

Another key point is we work with the best graphic artists and designers and use both CNC machines and hand carving in our manufacturing process. Homestead Memorials think you will see that our ability to put memories into granite is a rare find. Unlike other companies, we don’t charge for design or extra lettering. Every memorial comes with unlimited lettering and pictures (standard carving) on one surface. Additionally Homestead Memorials will work with you on your design until you are 100% happy.

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